So much snow here and the blizzard has yet to begin.

Quiet, cold and sunny morning. So many deep fresh snow turns. They reported
6 fresh inches but wind had drifted it into knee deep in many places. The
light snow was billowy and sweet.

Warmed up on a very lightly tracked Can-Am. Plenty of untracked lines. It
was beautiful! Pam didn't want to start off in the woods. So this was a nice
run we could do together.

Then hit Canyonlands and Bonavanture Glade which only had one track in it.
Pam doesn't have her ski legs yet and opted to stay on-piste, which was
still quite nice n powdery. But fresh tracks in the woods was beyond good.

Next we went over to the Jet and went right over to TImbuktu, which still
had some fresh in it. Beyond the boundary there were many untracked lines,
which kept me coming back for more. After 3 runs there I felt quite
satisfied and was ready to venture on.

Kitz woods was nice but getting tracked, though some fresh turns were still
found. Same for Hells Woods.

Pam was beginning to wear. She had not skied at all yet this season and
hadn't even been able to work-out, so she was not the usual skier that I'm
used to. I was glad to wait. This would keep me from tiring myself out too
fast. I need to save some for the big day tmrw.

We rode the Bonnie and my choice was Everglade. This was more than Pam had
bargained for, but we took our time and there were plenty of rewards once
off the steeper and rocky pitch.

Finished up our lunch break. We are going out for a few more. Still sunny,
cold and gorgeous out.

Sadly, my camera battery has no charge :-(

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