Hey All,
         So looks like I'm heading west after this semester.  It's  
been a pleasure working with all of you and seeing some awesome  
progress over the past four years.  I'm very proud that we've been  
able to keep the club afloat, no pun intended, it hasn't been easy.    
Clay is going to be taking over and thankfully he's got a great  
attitude, lots of motivation, apparently a good amount of time and not  
to mention some sick boating skills.  I will be around this semester  
and technically am still the club president, though I'm applying to  
grad schools and will be traveling a lot.  Feel free to continue  
contacting me with questions or concerns.  So here are some notes.

1.)NEW POOL SESSION TIME: Friday afternoon at 6pm hopefully better for  
most people, we've got two full hours if we want it!

2.)One of the grad schools I'm applying to is Cornell, as many of you  
know Ithaca is a kayaking mecca and I'm going to take some spring  
trips to check out the school and kayak, so if you're down for some  
sick boating, great views and a sweet five hour road trip let me know  
asap and we'll start planning.

3.)Boats for sale!   so I'm selling two out of my three boats since I  
only need one for spring runoff and I'm in the market for a new creek  
boat sick deals and fifty bucks from each sale will be donated to the  
catayak club and ten bucks to American whitewater

both boats are for paddlers in the 130-170pound range give or take and  
not taller than 6ft.

1.)Wave Sport Mutant Creek boat---350$
2.)Pyhrana S6 play boat----300$

can check em out at pool sessions

Take it easy and see you friday,