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*Spring 2008 Social Justice Film Series*
**_*Mickey Mouse Monopoly*_
*Disney, Childhood, & Corporate Power
*_*Disney Princesses
*_***Wednesday January 30th
12pm in 104 Allen House (Bring Your Lunch!)*
*6:30pm in 427 Waterman

**The Center for Cultural Pluralism will be screening an outstanding 
film this Wednesday as part of our Social Justice Film Series.  _Mickey 
Mouse Monopoly_** is a daring video that insightfully analyzes Disney's 
cultural pedagogy, examines its corporate power, and explores its vast 
influence on our global culture. Read on for a description:*

*_Mickey Mouse Monopoly

*The Disney Company's massive success in the 20th century is based on 
creating an image of innocence, magic and fun. Its animated films in 
particular are almost universally lauded as wholesome family 
entertainment, enjoying massive popularity among children and 
endorsement from parents and teachers. *

*_Mickey Mouse Monopoly_ takes a close and critical look at the world 
these films create and the stories they tell about race, gender and 
class and reaches disturbing conclusions about the values propagated 
under the guise of innocence and fun.*
*Two Screenings!*
*Wednesday January 30th
12pm in 104 Allen House (Bring Your Lunch!)*
*6:30pm in 427 Waterman**


*As always, all of our events are open to all UVM Students, Faculty, and 

*See you there!


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