Below is a message about a competition through the Network for  
Good.  Donating to our chapter online through the rules below will  
benefit ourselves and the national organization.  There is a chance to  
win a lot more money if we do well.  Rosemary Powers, our chapter  
relations manager from EWB-USA, is cced on this email.

Thanks Rosemary!

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Hi EWB-USA University of Vermont Chapter,

The Parade Magazine is working with Network For Good on a campaign to
get more people donate to Charities. They are allowing non-profits
organizations to sign up through the Network For Good site and
participate in a contest that closes on Thursday at noon (1/31/08)

EWB-USA is participating in this contest and we are asking all our
Chapters to help us to win this competition. We are challenging Chapter
members and their friends to donate at least $10 each and designate that
money back to its chapter(if they do this that money they donate goes
back to their chapter)  EWB-USA pledges to our Chapters that IF WE WIN
in this contest:
1. The top ten chapters in terms of number of donor gets to win $ 1000
from EWB-USA ( Please remember we are more interested with number of
DONORS and NOT amount of dollars)
2. The number one Chapter ( leader of the top ten) that will have at
least 100 donors or more get an additional $ 4000 from EWB-USA.
3. All money donated by members/friends of a chapter goes back to that
chapter if they designate it back to their chapter. So actually this is
a way of raising money for the chapter as well as helping EWB-USA hit
the top four in this contest.

I am asking you to consider this as a way of  helping us win the contest
and also a way of raising money for your chapters. Members/ volunteers
can donate on the link below:

and click on the link to Engineers Without Borders on the US Based
Challenge Leader Board.  That will bring you directly to our badge.
Once there, you can click on the donate button and on the donate page,
you can designate your gift to your chapter.

Please let me if there is any problem getting to the site.



Rosemary Powers
Chapter Relations Manager
Serving the North East Region

Engineers Without Borders
1811 Lefthand Circle
Longmont, CO 80501
Phone: 303-772-2723 x 119
Fax: 303-772-2699

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