Dear Colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to a session on microanalytical techniques that will be part of Mineralogy Symposium (MPM) at the forthcoming International Geological Congress in Oslo 6-14 August 2008 ( The session entitled

MPM-12 New developments in microbeam techniques will be convened by John Hanchar, Martin Whitehouse and myself.

We believe that this exciting topic will attract researchers, experts and students from various fields of Earth and material science and give us the opportunity to discuss recent achievements and problems of in-situ measurements.
Please note that the abstract deadline for the IGC in Oslo is February 29, 2008. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

We hope to see you in Oslo this summer.

Jan Kosler, John Hanchar and Martin Whitehouse

MPM-12 New developments in microbeam techniques. Session (Jan Kosler, John Hanchar, Martin Whitehouse)

Recent advancements in microanalytical techniques, including SIMS, laser ablation ICP-MS, laser assisted gas source mass spectrometry, electron and x-ray microbeam analysis, have opened new possibilities to study elemental and isotopic variations with previously unmatched spatial resolution, detection capabilities and analytical precision. Contributions are sought both in analytical technique development and new applications of microbeam analysis, including elemental concentration measurements, analysis of radiogenic and stable isotopes and use of microbeam techniques for studying spatial variations in chemical and isotopic composition of geological and environmental materials.

Jan Kosler ([log in to unmask])
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