Dear Colleagues, 

This is the first call for papers/posters for the 14th Canadian
Continuous Flow 
Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (CF-IRMS) Workshop.  A first draft of a
web-site has been set up at:

The workshop runs from June 15-18, 2008 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan,
Canada on the University of Saskatchewan campus. It brings together
researchers, technicians, graduate students and manufacturers from
around the globe in a casual setting to discuss the technical issues
surrounding Stable Isotope Analysis. Students may compete for a student
prize as described on the web site.  The focus of the workshop is not on
specific scientific results and interpretation of data, as in other
conferences. Instead, this is an opportunity  to discuss problems and
advances in CF-IRMS measurement techniques.  Professors, lab managers,
technicians, and grad students alike all benefit from  the experience. 

Please contact Geoff Koehler at [log in to unmask] if you are
interested in making a presentation (talk or poster).  The abstract
deadline is May 16, 2008. Please keep in mind that we are limiting  the
workshop to 100 attendees, so early registration will ensure your spot! 

Geoff Koehler, Stable Isotope Research Chemist
NWRI Stable Isotope Laboratory
Environment Canada
11 Innovation Blvd, Saskatoon, SK, Canada
tel: 306-975-5778 (office) 306-975-6415 (lab)
fax: 506-975-5143