Second announcement - Isoscapes 2008

Isoscapes 2008: Isotope Mapping and its Applications is an interdisciplinary conference featuring the latest work on the analysis of spatial isotopic variation in environmental systems.  The meeting will feature presentations on spatially distributed isotope data networks, emerging technologies for collecting spatially explicit isotope data, modeling and prediction of spatial isotopic variation in the environment, and applications of spatial isotopic variability in a wide range of research endeavors.  Poster sessions, working group sessions, optional tutorials, and conference meals will offer additional opportunities for presentation and discussion of research work and networking.

Isoscapes 2008 will take place in Santa Barbara, CA, from April 8-10, 2008.  Additional information on the meeting, venue, and registration can be found at

Open registration and abstract submission will be available online until Jan 31. Applications for a limited number of student travel grants are due by Jan 21.

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Gabe Bowen, Jason West, Todd Dawson, Kevin Tu, and Chris Still

Confirmed Speakers:

Pradeep Agarwal (IAEA)                                Rachel Barnett-Johnson (UC, Santa Cruz)

Thure Cerling (Univ. of Utah)                           Jim Ehleringer (Univ. of Utah)

Balazs Fekete (Univ. of New Hampshire)         John Gibson (Univ. Victoria) 

Brittany Graham (Univ. of Hawaii)                   Brent Helliker (Univ. Pennsylvania)

Keith Hobson (Environment Canada)               Jurian Hoogerwerf (Univ. of East Anglia)

Carol Kendall (US Geological Survey)             Paul Koch (UC, Santa Cruz)

Steve Leavitt (Univ. of Arizona)                       David Noone (Univ. of Colorado, Boulder)

Diane Pataki (UC, Irvine)                                Linda Pardo (USDA Forest Service)

Margaret Schoeninger (UC, San Diego)           Henry Schwarcz (McMaster Univ.)

Chris Still (UC, Santa Barbara)                       Kristof Sturm (Bergen Univ.)

Bruce Vaughn (Univ. of Colorado, Boulder)       Lixin Wang (Univ. of Virginia)

Cort Willmott (Univ. of Deleware)                     Mike Wunder (Colorado State Univ.)

Funding for Isoscapes 2008 has been provided by the BASIN and MIGRATE NSF research coordination networks

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