Hello Jason and others,
We recently prepared a 13C-enriched (and D-enriched) icosanoic acid methyl ester (C20:0), C21H42O2,  ≥99% (methyl icosanoate, CAS # 1120-28-1) with delta13C = -6.91 ± 0.04‰ vs. VPDB and deltaD = +75.7 ± 1.1‰ vs. VSMOW. The compound is called "icosanoic acid methyl ester #X" in our list at http://mypage.iu.edu/~aschimme/hc.html. It is an inert waxy compound that is useful for GC and EA applications.
In addition to this compound, we offer a variety of new esters and alcohols. The latter include ethanols from C3 and C4 plant origin, and anhydrous methanol where we distinguish between methyl hydrogen and total hydrogen.
A note to all users of our reference materials: When preparing new materials, we also re-measured many older materials. The enlarged statistical basis resulted is some amended values. Please take a look at the website where we now offer average values, ranges, and the number of independent analyses.
Happy New Year to all,
Arndt Schimmelmann

Jason Newton wrote:
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I have just attempted to order IAEA-309A and IAEA-309B from Vienna only to learn that these are now exhausted - does anyone know if there are any stocks of these or any other 13C-rich organic RM's anywhere?



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