Have you tried running it in Virtual PC 2007?  See this page. 

It's free, but you may have to pay for some add-ons.

We run Virtual PC on a Pentium 3 and it runs like a slow 486!  Without even trying!  We are running an OS/2 WARP 3 machine (actually an IsoChrom) under Windows 2000.

There is a parallel port available because we print through it.  You use the one on the host computer and turn it on and off in the software.  I couldn't say whether it would be transparent enough for one of those Godforsaken dongles.


Jason Curtis wrote:
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Here is a crazy question that will not pertain to most people with modern mass spec operating systems!

Has anyone ever experimented with or gotten PrismUp to run on a modern computer using an emulator?  I have got it to start using DosBox and gotten the processor speed correct but it fails as the dongle can not be read because DosBox does not support parallel ports.  Any help or suggestions of emulators would be great.

I am running my Prism II mass spec with OS/2 Dual Inlet 2.4 inside Parallels on an WinXP machine.  My goal is to also run PrismUp with an emulator inside Parallels on the same WinXP machine.  This will allow me to get rid of 2 aging and difficult to maintain computers.

(For those who don't know and are curious, PrismUp is a DOS translation program that VG used for some of its OS/2 based machines in the  mid 1990's.  It runs on a dedicated computer that sits between the mass spec microprocessor and the mass spec operating system.  All it does it translate commands and responses back and forth.)

Thanks in advance for any help.  Jason

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