We also run OS/2 on P1's, P2's and P3's in native mode.  We have 
encountered no real problems associated with machine speed.

I was trying to answer the question as given.  Actually, I don't 
particularly like our EA software under Virtual PC2004.  But I don't 
know PrismUp.

Advantages of Virtual PC:

No screen driver problems.
Can turn printing on and off easily.
Reduced number of halts in the EA programme (which is why we have one 
mass spec under Virtual PC).
Possible advantage: Back up entire virtual machine to DVD, instead of 
just data.  Restore machine disc, fire it up and extract data.
I seem to remember no CD problems.


Slow.  Molluscan.
No access to external directories (outside the virtual machine).  It 
seems on ours that the latest version of OS/2 supported by the EA 
software is younger than the earliest version of OS/2 supporting machine 
extensions.  But I believe this is fixable.


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