Dear Kenneth,

You can get gridded ocean pH, alkalinity, pCO2...etc., profiles and annual
and seasonal dataset from
First, you should register (it is free!!) to get a password and then
download the software (Ocean Data View) for the exploration, analysis and
visualization of oceanographic dataset for the global ocean (e.g., World
Ocean Atlas 2005, WOCE, etc.)

Check the web page for more information!



> Dear Isogeochemists,
> I have some questions concerning ocean pH.
> - What causes main changes in ocean pH?
> - What is the expected seasonal variability?
> - How does it change with depth? Is it more constant at deeper levels?
> - What is the relation between ocean pH and
> salinity/temperature/alkalinity/nitrates...? Can it be calculated from
> these parameters?
> - Is there a database with gridded ocean pH's  from different depths
> (preferentially including the Baltic, Black Sea, Caspian Sea,
> Mediterranean), annual and seasonal?
> Hope someone can help me!
> Kind regards,
> Kenneth Mertens
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