Hi Melissa,

 Can I ask you a few question in conjunction with the below?

1. What is the temperature setting for the injector?
2. What's the average concentration per FAME in your FAME mix (in nmol/microL)?
3. Have you looked what the chromatogram looks like for a dummy run (no injection or neat solvent only)?
4. Same as point 3 but for single compound sample, say 10:0 or 12:0.
5. Is your system fitted with a FID and a cross-piece prior to the oxidation recator?



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I have been running FAMEs on our GC-c-IRMS using a 30m DB-5 column with 5m of guard column. The first six samples returned good peak resolution. After the sixth, I now get very poor resolution. Instead of well-defined peaks at the expected retention times, I'm getting hundreds of peaks at low amplitude (<100mV) throughout the run.
The GC method I'm currently using is as follows:
90-280C, 3C/min., 20 min hold; Flow rate 1.2 ml/min. He; Injection: splitless w/ surge.
Can anyone tell me what's happened, and how it might be fixed?

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