Not an isotope posting per se, although note stable isotopes are widely
used in this field of study.  This NSF funded project will allow travel
for students to attend this meeting.... 




Opportunities for graduate students interested in tracking individual
migrants over long distances- MIGRATE (
<>) will hold its 2008 meeting at the
Laboratory of Ornithology in Ithaca NY from the 3^rd to 5^th of April.  
The theme of the meeting is: New Technologies For Studying Bird
Migration.  MIGRATE will fund cost of attending this meeting for 10
students.  MIGRATE is particularly interested in funding international
students from Central and South America.  Applicants should send a
one-page letter describing their research interest, a letter from their
graduate advisor, and a CV to [log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]> . 
Application deadline is 15 February 2008. _Meeting Description_: Many
questions in animal biology require the ability to track individual
animal movements.  Because tracking animal movement is central to
answering so many questions in animal biology, the past century has seen
constant innovation in tracking methods.  This innovation, like that in
most technology-driven fields, has become very rapid and
multi-disciplinary over the past decade.  Interdisciplinary
collaborations between engineers and biologists have been particularly
fruitful and remain one of the most promising avenues for improving our
understanding of long-distance animal movements.  This meeting will
emphasize bringing engineers and biologists together to further
interdisciplinary solutions to problems in tracking methods.  
Participants will be exposed to the current state-of-the-art and likely
future prospects for electronic tracking technology. We will work
together to create viable strategies to scale-up current technologies to
make them available to the entire ornithological community.

Jeff Kelly

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