Hi Paula,

we also made very good experiences with swagelok
connectors. We found them more secure and easier to
handle. Anyhow for the glass seals we found that
silicon sealing rings without a teflon coating are
more tight than the coated one's.

Good luck


--- Paula Zelanko <[log in to unmask]> schrieb:

>   Dear Isogeochem List
>   Has anyone re-vamped their EA's water trap
> configuration. We are having progressively worse and
> worse problems trying to get air tight seals, even
> when replacing absorption seals, red caps, etc. 
>   Thanks
>   Paula
>   Paula Zelanko 
>   Patrick Center for Environmental Research
>   The Academy of Natural Science
>   1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
>   Philadelphia, PA 19103
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