Dear Nouari,

Most probably the value V21 is a problem. The values V21 and V11, and V22 and V12 work together. 

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Asunto: Problem with inlet system MAT250 spectrometer

We  have a leak in inlet system for MAT250. So when there is no CO2 in the inlet system side (Standard) or only in the Side (Sample) there is no deviation in Ionicvac when i change over from Sample to STandard or visversa. But when i fill the ST with CO2 and i change over from SA to ST there is Big deviation in the ionivac form 1E-7 mbar to 1E-6mbar or more and retrun back to 1E-7 and also in the recorder the signal is greater than 10V and return back to the initial position, but when a change over form ST to SA there is no deviation. I have already change the V22 and V12 but the same problem.

Any suggestions will be very gratefully received!

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