Dear all,

The deadline for abstract submission, January 14, 2008, at 24.00 h., is very
close now!
We want you to show your interest in this program part of the EGU. Without
your participation, no strong isotopic program can be organized in the

Sessions included in the Isotopic Program are:

G1         Stable Isotopes in Geosciences - Open Session (include special
attention to Mass-Independent Fractionation)
Convener:          De Groot, P.
Co-Convener:          Bojar, A.; Thiemens, M.

IG2         New Frontiers in Stable Isotope Instrumentation and Analytical
Methods (co-sponsored by EAG)
Convener:          Pack, A.
Co-Convener:          Halas, S.; Kerstel, E.; De Groot, P.; Revesz, K.

IG3.1         Novel Analytical Methods for Radiogenic and Non-Traditional
Stable Isotope Analysis (co-listed in GMPV, co-sponsored by EAG)
Convener:          Rouxel, O.
Co-Convener:          Carignan, J.

IG3.2         Experimental Quantification of Isotope Fractionation at High-
and Low-Temperatures (co-listed in GMPV, co-sponsored by EAG)
Convener:          Roskosz, M.
Co-Convener:          Vigier, N.; Williams, H.

IG3.3         Novel Isotope Proxies for Environmental Change (co-listed in
BG, co-sponsored by EAG)
Convener:          Reynolds, B.
Co-Convener:          Vance, D.

IS1 - BG1.5/HS2.5/IG4/CL54         Stable isotopes as a tool for climate,
paleo-climate, and thermometry studies (co-organized by BG, HS, IG & CL)
Convener:          De Groot, P.

IG5         Stable Isotopes in Atmospheric Research (co-listed in AS)
Convener:          Koppmann, R.
Co-Convener:          Kiendler-Scharr, A.; Röckmann, T.

Co-listed sessions in the Isotope Program:

SSP2         Strengths and limitations of speleothem archives (co-listed in
CL & IG)
Convener:          Spötl, C.
Co-Convener:          Fairchild, I.; Fleitmann, D.; Mangini, A.

SSP4         Isotopic Records of Mesozoic Climate (co-listed in CL & IG)
Convener:          Price, G.
Co-Convener:          Gröcke, D.

BG1.4         Application of stable isotopes in biogeosciences (co-listed in
Convener:          Böttcher, M.
Co-Convener:          Bouillon, S.; Buchmann, N.

IS11 - GD25/NH8.6         Radon - a proxy of dynamic processes in the
Earth's system (co-organized by GD & NH)
Convener:          Barbosa, S.
Co-Convener:          Steinitz, G.; Martin Luis, C.

GMPV31         Advances in stable isotope geochemistry applied to magmatic
and metamorphic systems (co-listed in IG)
Convener:          Dallai, L.
Co-Convener:          Macpherson, C.

GMPV32         Stable isotope fractionations at low temperatures (co-listed
in GMPV)
Convener:          Jourdan, A.
Co-Convener:          Vennemann, T.

GMPV33         Noble gas isotope geochemistry: 25 years on from Ozima and
Podosek (co-sponsored by EAG, co-listed in IG)
Convener:          Stuart, F.
Co-Convener:          Niedermann, S.; Burnard, P.

SSP3         New isotope systems and proxies in sedimentary geochemistry
(co-listed in CL & IG, co-sponsored by EAG)
Convener:          Eisenhauer, A.
Co-Convener:          Nägler, T.; Immenhauser, A.

Thanks to those who submitted their abstracts.

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