Vermont Division of Disability and Aging Services, Vocational 
Rehabilitation, Vermont APSE, & New England Rehabilitation Continuing 
Education (NERCEP) present:

How to Influence Effectively:
Relationship Skills to Cultivate Positive
Outcomes in Employment Services

A Two-Part Workshop for Vocational Professionals
April 4 & 18, 2008 (9:00 to 3:30)
Lake Morey Resort
Fairlee, Vermont

This workshop is designed for job developers, employment staff, 
supervisors, and others who rely upon the art of effective and 
influential communication to develop relationships and achieve 
results.  The core of this workshop will provide the participant with 
hand-on strategies to develop and accelerate effective relationships 
with the purpose of influencing toward a desired outcome such as 
successful job development, marketing of employment services, and 
developing long lasting relationships with businesses or 
Approaches for improving personal performance will focus on numerous 
learning objectives to include establishing rapport, acquiring active 
listening skills, articulation of hidden objections and concerns, and 
regulating emotional investment while exploring differing 

Instructor: Rick Van Arnam
For over two decades, Rick Van Arnam has studied leadership and has 
become a sought after trainer delivering values-based leadership 
programs that improve performance of teams and organizations. 
Recognized for his presence in the classroom, his knowledge of 
leadership issues, and his ability to reach diverse audiences, Rick 
has brought his passion for improving performance to a wide variety 
of organizations.  Rick will guide us through 2 days of training and 
exercises that will increase our ability to develop effective 
relationships with those with whom we partner for people with 

Location: Lake Morey Resort Fairlee, Vermont.  Click HERE for directions.

Cost: The fee for this two-part training is: $50.00 for both days, 
which includes lunch and materials. CRC Credits are available.

Send in registration and check made payable to Vermont APSE by March 
21, 2008.  Contact Bryan Dague for questions about registration @ 
802-656-1345. Contact Jennie Masterson for questions about the 
training content @ 802-786-2571

If special accommodations are needed please respond by March 14, 2008. Send to:
Bryan Dague
University of Vermont-Center on Disability and Community Inclusion
208 Colchester Ave., Mann Hall, 3rd Floor
Burlington, VT  05405
How to Influence Effectively:
Relationship Skills to Cultivate Positive
Outcomes in Employment Services

A Two-Day Workshop for Supported Vocational Professionals
April 4 & 18, 2008 (9:00-3:30)
Lake Morey Resort-Fairlee, Vermont


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