My first suggestion is to use google apps, which is free to schools, and you can creat as many users as you would like, students and teachers.

If you are bound and determined to have an inhouse managed unit than I will suggest Zimbra ( which has a Free OpenSource version.    I set up the supported version here and It works well (then Google offered it's free version).   

Both zimbra and google are both web apps, so it will work with any computer any platform.


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Hello All,

I recently acquired a dell power edge 600sc running windows 2000.  I  
have done a clean install and I am in the process of installing all  
the updates.  I would like to set this up as a mail-server for our  
students to use.  Any suggestions on an email server (Free Preferred)  
that I can install on this?  Anyone have experience with doing this  
as I am new to this side of things.  The school is basically a Mac  
school and I want to give some grades email accounts that can be used  
and monitored by me.

Thanks for any thoughts, help, or suggestions.

Doug Patac
Manchester Elementary Middle School