StarOffice has a much wider selection of clipart then OpenOffice (and seems to be the big difference, besides the license agreement).   StarOffice is free to educational institutions, and works off the same program base as OpenOffice.


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Is anyone on the List using Open Office or Star Office in 
their school(s)/district/SU? If so, is it full implementation? What 
grade levels? For how long? Aside from political fallout from users, were 
there other significant issues? 

I was not in the trenches on this initiative, but Enosburg Middle High School began imaging machines with NeoOffice (mac) last Spring just before school ended. There were several administrative/tech committee meetings about this direction prior to the move...only thing was someone forgot to invite all the teachers who think "spreadsheet" means MS Excel!!! 
Beyond the MS name recognition issue there are enough subtle differences in typical use, location of features, etc that this caused quite an uproar. The biggest issues though were lack of clipart/themes/templates, file extensions, and proper teacher training/readiness. I have yet to find anything that MS does that NeoOffice won't do, but to a busy teacher trying to adopt tech integration the learning curve has been more of an obstacle than it's worth - from what I'm hearing anyway! 

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