Office probably would not sell any where near as good, if OpenOffice or any OpenSource software had the money to market their product.   I think most people feel they need Microsoft Windows/Office to do any work.  So koodos to Bill Gates for that mass bit of misinformation.

The theory behind Open Software is a great (Anybody can contribute).  This has the potential to produce decent to great products, but no marketing for that product.  Therefor OpenSource producs are only marketed via word of mouth, and usually only through the Tech networks.

Now if there was a Ubuntu or OpenOffice add on during the Super Bowl, I bet we would see an major shift toward opensource in general.   Heck put Tux the penguin on TV, and my wife would be telling me to get the penguin software for her (it worked well for Coke).


p.s. Any body else anxious to see the new Mac add during the Superbowl?

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I know people say it takes getting used to (we have just 1or 2 users using it here) but it hasn't seemingly affected sales. 
Office 2007 sales spur software market 

Microsoft's office suite, which also celebrates one year on the consumer market Wednesday, has been tearing things up at retail, leading software levels to their highest point since 1999. (From's Beyond Binary blog.) 


But, a whole lot of that is due to Microsoft, largely because of Office, but also because of Vista's debut . According to NPD's Chris Swenson, 80 percent of the total growth in the market can be attributed to the release of those two products. 


Sales of Office 2007 are doing even better, up 100 percent compared with sales of Office 2003 in its initial months. That led Office to account for 17 percent (by dollar volume) of all software sold at retail stores last year.