We have our moodle server providing authenication from eDirectory using
LDAP and it works well so far.

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>>> Bjorn Behrendt <[log in to unmask]> 12/20/2007 12:06:19 PM >>>
Not sure how I got it working, but during one of my test installs of
Moodle I did get moodle to authenticate against My AD (not single sign
on, but same user at least).   I was even able to set it so that people
in the teachers group got teacher rights in moodle, while others got the
normal rights.

We opened our moodle server up to the entire SU so authenticateing
agains just our domain was pointless so I don't have that set up
anymore, But it did work.


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Subject: Google Apps

We are thinking of implementing Google Apps for Your Domain ( ) to allow students and teachers access
to web-based portals, email, documents, and calendering. 

Has anybody else implemented this? How easy was it to implement? What
was the reaction by the community? 

(Also: has anybody been able to integrate single-sign on between Moodle
and other services?)