Call for Presenters
Dynamic Landscapes – 2008

Sponsored by VITA-Learn
Vermont Information Technology Association for the Advancement of Learning

VITA-Learn is requesting proposals for presentations at Dynamic Landscapes
– 2008. Once again we will focus on how Vermont classroom teachers are
using technology in their classroom.  This year’s conference will be held
at Champlain College on Friday, May 16, 2008.  

We are looking for a wide variety of applications of technology in the
classroom including examples of classroom integration using a wide variety
of technology tools and applications. We would also like to showcase
examples of Web 2.0 use in classrooms and well as integration of 21st
Century Skills.

Please consider sharing your expertise and experience with your fellow
classroom teachers at Dynamic Landscapes. You will receive free admission
to the conference and have a chance to network and share ideas with some
of Vermont’s finest educators! 

Please send a write-up with a creative title and description with no more
than 75 words.  Please remember it is the quality of your write-up that
draws people to your session.  

Please include the following information along with your write up.

School Address:
School Phone:

If you wish to have a co-presenter and/or have students present with you
please e-mail me back and I will send you information on this.

We may have limited opportunities for hands-on double sessions (2 hours 15
minutes). If you are interested in one or more of these please let me know.

Equipment will be provided and rooms will have Internet access.  Please
specify if you have any special equipment or other needs.

Write-ups are due by February 15, 2008.  I encourage you to have them in
WELL BEFORE THAT if at all possible.  You will be notified soon after as
to the status of your presentation proposal.

If you have any questions or you wish to bounce possibilities off me,
please do not hesitate to contact me.



PS:	If you know someone who would be a great presenter, please pass this

Ed Barry
Director of Information Technology Services
Milton Town School District
42 Herrick Avenue
Milton, VT  05468
(802)893-3210  FAX 893-3227