We looked into Sophos a year ago and loved it.  But, the way they did/do
pricing was out of reach.  While we could afford the 3 year cost, we
refused to commit to a virus solution for 3 years.  We ended up with CA,
based on cost alone.  Sophos is (in my opinion) the hands down winner
for virus protection.  It does Windows, Mac, Linux, Workstations and
Servers... oh yeah the other one too... that Novell thing.

We put it though its paces here, it was awesome.  You can even use it to
block apps and etc that you don't want on the systems.

I believe that Burlington uses it as well; they might have more
practical input?

Michael Vining, SB Network Services
South Burlington School District
550 Dorset Street
South Burlington, Vermont 05403
                          Direct: (802) 652-7298
                          DNS Help Desk: (802) 652-7050
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I know there was a recent thread here about antivirus solutions but  
I'm wondering what folks think of sophos. I have never installed  
antivirus on any of our Mac computers but when an attachment was sent  
from a Mac to a PC that had a virus in it - to the school police  
officer, I started getting second thoughts. Sophos seems to have a  
nice antivirus software for Mac, and also has the same kind of server  
software we have with our PC Symantec solution. I'm curious if anyone  
is using any other antivirus product for a mix of Mac (OS 8.6 up to  
10.5), and Windows XP to Vista.


Bryan Thompson
Technology Coordinator
Winooski School District
60 Normand Street
Winooski, VT 05404

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