I had a couple of incidents with leaking PRC cartridges last year, but it
was specific to one type (HP 1320). They were GREAT about helping to resolve
the issue: replaced the cartridges and all back-stock of that part as well
as contacting their manufacturer to fix the issue. No problems since.

Junk pickups have worked well also, but I am fortunate in that I can
stockpile stuff for once-a-year ³whenever it happens² pickups.

Eric Hall
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on 1/2/08 9:49 AM, Robert Gervais wrote:

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> School Information Technology Discussion <[log in to unmask]> writes:
> Hi folks,
> I have used PRC for several years for ink cartridges and junk pick up. They
> are great to work with and do not charge for picking up old computer
> equipment. I also use the Green School Project for recycling ink cartridges
> and cell phones,
> <> . They pay a small amount for what you
> send in.
> MaryAnn Bennett
> District Technology Coordinator
> Windsor, VT
> MaryAnn, have you had any issues with the toner from PRC.  One person here was
> concerned that it was poorer quality because it was recycled. (although I
> think all toner is probably recycled to some degree!)
> Also, what about printer repair and maintenance?  Right now we have a contract
> with Symquest to do repairs for free if we buy their toner.  Do you have any
> maintenance contracts on printers?
> thanks,
> Rob Gervais
> Technology Coordinator
> Franklin Northeast Supervisory Union
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