I'm replying to the list, just in case other folks are thinking of getting a new ILS, many libraries are. Here's a new survey that might be of interest:

I'm desperate for a new system, and would love to use one of the few open source alternatives. But library catalogs are simply huge, multi-faceted programs, and they're notoriously horrible (from this librarian's perspective). Most libraries of any size need multiple modules - cataloging, circulation, acquisitions, plus a web-based OPAC. The open source products are still very much under development, and don't seem to have the user base yet. I think libraries are slow to jump on board because of the difficulties in migrating between products.  The cost of data migration is usually based on collection size.  There's been some movement to incorporating 2.0 technologies like tags & readers reviews, many of us would simply like a better search feature with spell check. 

If you do end up implementing an open source system, I would love to know about it. Good luck.

Pamela Burke
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On Jan 23, 2008, at 1:55 PM, Paul Wood {RNESU} wrote:

Rutland Northeast SU is evaluating district library systems.

I've tested 3 over the last year.

1. Koha - this was kind of hard to get installed and working and I didn't enjoy the interface, neither did anyone I showed it too.
2. PHPmyLibrary - this is the one I have setup at home for all my books.  I did this for insurance purposes and because I lend some of my technical books out and sometimes can't remember who has my Linux server hacks book.
3. EverGreen - I set this one up and liked it, but it was very overwhelming to use it for a home library.  EverGreen was developed by Georgia Public Library Service and its PINES program.  I'm wondering why other states have not joined the cause?

I'm only interested in open source solutions.  The librarians in my district have already done their research on propriety products.  I feel it is my job to present the other side of the argument.

Did you pay someone to come in and migrate the data to the new system? Who? How much?
Are you happy with the new system?
How much time have you spent supporting the new system?
Is your library catalog publicly available via the Internet?

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