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This may be a little late.. this was a discussion topic from late last week. I feel it is still relevant.  I have had a call in on this, and it stirred a little of the proverbial pot at the PSB, since there are some specifics that seem unclear and the folks at PSB understand that.  If you have specific questions after reading this, please let me know those questions and I can seek more clarification. 


Here is the wording in the document that pertains to the questions I took from the earlier conversation.  


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22.  Comcast shall provide fiber-optic or coaxial-cable drops, capable of two-way service and remote origination service, upon request, to every school, library, and PEG-access studio, and to at least one municipal building in every municipality in which it is obligated to provide cable service, upon request of the school, library, PEG entity or municipality. Comcast may provide the two-way service through a drop that is separate from any drop used to provide cable-television service or high-speed Internet access service to that entity. Comcast shall provide and activate each requested drop within 6 months of receiving a request from the respective school, library, AMO, or municipality, provided, however, that Comcast is able to obtain all necessary approvals and permits pursuant to Rule 3.700. This condition does not require Comcast to provide drops to buildings that are neither passed by nor located within 500 feet of cable plant unless an entity is willing to reimburse Comcast for the incremental cost of the non-standard installation. Comcast shall provide basic cable service at each coaxial drop and shall provide standard installation at no charge. Upon request, Comcast shall provide an entity described in this paragraph with a non-standard installation, provided the entity pays the difference in cost between the standard and non-standard installation. 

This is from:

Docket 7077

Amended Certificate of Public Good Issued to Comcast of Connecticut/Georgia/Massachusetts/New Hampshire/New York/North Carolina/Virginia/Vermont, LLC  Pursuant to 30 V.S.A.  503 and 504

Order entered 9/27/2006







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