Tommy -
Interesting... Why the “sale” and not a freebie? I assume you don’t need the $5 for your Tech budget :)


on 1/31/08 2:04 PM, Tommy Walz wrote:

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We haven't done this often, but we have sold school computers that were ready to be cycled out to needy students for $5.  We make sure they understand there is no expectation of tech support from us and there are no warranties.

Tommy Walz
Technology Coordinator
Barre Supervisory Union

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Was going to send this next week, but Eric's post ...
I know a number of you out there send computers home with students. Things that are no longer used at school, now become the property if the student.
I just wonder if those of you who do would share some details, and specifically how you decide who to send them home with?
Second, how does this fit into your contract? (is it a volunteer thing or does the school pay you to do it)