I'm sure there are those on the list who know more about this than I do (or, at least, more than I remember), but my (poor) recollection is that some years ago, as part of an agreement with the Vermont Public Service Board, the major cable providers were required - in return for having monopolistic control of their particular regions - to provide schools with free cable access.  I think this may have been before the Internet service became available; at first it was just television.  When Internet service was added by the cable companies, they were required to include that as a free service to schools as well.   Adelphia, like the rest, really didn't want to do it, of course, so they were very specific about where, how, and how many connections they would provide.   And they specified that the service not be shared by multiple simultaneous users. 
Comcast inherited this PSB requirement and, when they first took over Adelphia's customers, sent out a form to all schools, I believe, (we got one) describing their responsibilities in this regard and asking if we would like to take advantage for this service.  We hadn't done so in the past, but I thought it might be useful to have an additional connection - for testing purposes if nothing else.  But, though I slavishly filled out their questionnaire and request to be contacted, no one ever did.  Then I got busy with other things and didn't follow up.  I'm sure that's what they were hoping would happen.
I think if schools request it, the cable companies need to provide at least minimal service to each school in the state.  If you request the service and they don't provide it (and you are a bit more aggressive than I), a call to the Vermont Public Service Dept. might be appropriate.
Or do I have this all wrong?  (As I seem to have, more and more.)

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We recently were able to prevail upon Comcast in Williston to deliver free Internet to the little school house at the Williston Central School (DSL is not available) .. I was surprised to see the latest invoice for exactly $0.00 .


Does anyone else have experience getting Comcast services delivered to school for free ?  Any contact information ?


I can see this as a worthwhile project if not TOO much red tape .. I can imagine Comcast would not be too thrilled about providing free service, but if the State of VT has reached a settlement, then they need to comply (or am I being naive ? )


Bill Clark

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