Just to add to this conversation, Arlyn Bruccoli from the DOE, organized
a videoconference this past Tuesday bringing students from Siberia and
Vermont together. The Siberian students used Skype and our students
(from five schools) used the Learning Network of Vermont (LNV). They
"met" at the statehouse where the Siberian students had
environmentally-based artwork on display. The students had discussions
with each other as well as with a researcher from the woods Hole
Foundation.  It was great to see this application of technology!



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Skype (and such services)  as a tool are being used increasingly in
educational technology environment as we incoporate global
communications and collaboration into the curriculum.  You will most
likely see an increase in these type of request.   The first step for
many of us is trying the tool at home, or in practice environments so we
can understand how it functions and how it fits into a classroom
environment (both technically and pedagogically) 


  I am currently practicing with other education tech leaders in the
Vermont schools, so we can become more familiar with the tool as we
prepare for projects like " a conversation with Senator Leahy's office"
;  "communication with a school in Asia, etc".   We need to figure out
things like;  what type of place does this have in the classroom or
school setting;  how it would work with a whole group as oppose to with
a small group. (things like , microphones, speakers, etc all need the
right settings to work together in a classroom environment to not get
echo's) So there are many considerations, and some of us are just
starting to practice  as we prepare for learning opportunities around
the world that involve Skype.  


Vince,  if your teacher wants to practice with us, give her my email,
and we will invite her to join us.   I will also start a thread on
VTCITE about this as we progress and post back here when its ready.



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I've just had a teacher ask if I could install Skype on her computer at
work.   She'd do it at home, but she lives on dial-up in the hinterland.
Frankly, I've never before been asked to do that on a school computer
and my first response was to say no, a response reinforced by the fact
that it is clearly for personal, not school, use.  But I'm not really
sure about the issues involved.   Are any of you using Skype at your


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