The AiM Vascular Skin Mapping device with the ink
delivery system contains ink using Gentian violet as
the primary ingredient.

Also, the kits are single use only.  So you would use
a clean device on every patient.

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> Tyr this for pre-surgical marking, it should be
> available from the 
> hospital pharmacy:
> Gentian violet (crystal violet, Methyl Violet 10B,
> hexamethyl 
> pararosaniline chloride) is an antifungal agent, the
> primary agent used 
> in the Gram stain test, perhaps the single most
> important bacterial 
> identification test in use today, and it is also
> used by hospitals for the 
> treatment of serious heat burns and other injuries
> to the skin and 
> gums. Typically prepared as a weak (e.g. 1%)
> solution in water, it is 
> painted on skin or gums to treat or prevent fungal
> infections. Gentian 
> violet does not require a doctor's prescription (in
> the US), but is not 
> easily found in drug stores. Tampons treated with
> gentian violet are 
> sometimes used for vaginal applications.
> Gentian violet is also known as Andergon, Aniline
> violet, Axuris, Badil, 
> Basic Violet 3, Brilliant Violet 58, Gentiaverm,
> Hexamethyl-p-rosaniline 
> chloride, Meroxylan, Meroxyl, Methylrosalinide
> chloride, Methyl Violet 
> 10BNS, Pyoktanin, Vianin, Viocid, and Viola
> Crystallina. It is worth 
> noting that the name 'Gentian Violet' refers to its
> colour being like that 
> of a gentian; it is not made from gentians.
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