One of the best guidelines are papers published by Michel Robbins, UAB. (just google – she will come up)  She is very experienced and has lots of practical advice.  In the meantime, we also use 500ml/min as an adequate amount of flow for adequate dialysis, but you have to look at inflow too.  Low inflow = low outflow.  We use a ratio if the velocity at the anastomosis is elevated (divide the anast velocity by the inflow velocity ~2cm proximal to the anastomosis), courtesy of Dr. Robbins.  If you think the velocity in the outflow vein is elevated, take a flow volume above that area (~4-5cm) and compare it to the flow volume at 10cm above the anastomosis.  We check both inflow and outflow flow volume at that level for the baseline reading.  Hope this helps.




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Anyone out there willing to share (or point me towards) criteria for dialysis graft evaluation?  I'm looking for volume flow rate information, velocity criteria, and stenosis categorization if it's out there.


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