Fellow Students,

   We've been back for less than three weeks and there is already so  
much to do!  Get focused on climate change at one of the many Focus  
the Nation events left this week.  Join the Black Student Union in  
kicking off "Green Is the New Black," this year's theme for Black  
History Month, with a Recycled Prom.  Check out leadership  
opportunities with Greek Life and Student Ambassadors.  Cheer on  
Hockey and Basketball this weekend.  Head over to the Fleming Museum  
for the opening spring exhibitions.  And please, as excited as you may  
be to rush around campus to take advantage of all these opportunities,  
walk carefully and don't slip!

   Always at your service,

   Kesha and DaVaughn

   In this email:

   *What Is SGA Doing For You?

   * Are YOU In Focus?  Final Days of Focus the Nation!

   * This Week In Athletics...

   * BSU's Recycled Prom Kicks Off "Green is the New Black" History Month!

   * Want a Nifty Blue Blazer and Networking Opportunities?  Apply to  
be a Student Ambassador...

   * Co-Founder of Save Darfur Coalition Speaks at UVM THIS FRIDAY

   * Celebrate Super Bowl Sunday at Brennan's

   * Seniors, Get Your Winter Ball Tickets!

   * Come to the Babysitter Mingler THIS SATURDAY

   * Audition for  Jason Robert Brown's "The Last Five Years" THIS WEEKEND

   * Phi Delta Theta Information Session Next Week

   * American Red Cross Blood and Bone Marrow Drive on February 7

   * Alpha Gamma Rho Spring Recruitment

   * Celebrate Spring Exhibition Openings at the Fleming Museum TOMORROW


The Committee on Diversity, Equity and Environmental Ethics has  
launched its first ever Say It Now! campaign.  Say It Now! is a video  
project adapted from StoryCorps, a nationwide video journal initiative  
( Say It Now! is a project in which we invite  
students from all backgrounds to recall an experience or event that  
made them feel uncomfortable or marginalized because of a bias towards  
their racial, sexual, and/or gender identity or towards that of  
someone close to them while at the University of Vermont.  Our goal is  
to collect these stories on video or in writing and create a film to  
be shown around campus and on UVMtv.  We can schedule times for these  
interviews whenever it is convenient for you. If you do not feel  
comfortable on film, please consider submitting a written story- the  
more the better! This is an opportunity for all students to express  
themselves and tell a part of their story to fellow students, teachers  
and administrators.
/Please feel free to contact CODEE Chair Jesse Bragg with your  
questions and concerns ([log in to unmask])./

/A Message From President Ram.../
For those of you wondering what happened to the Red Cross issue after  
the Senate voted down a ban on the Red Cross using UVM facilities, I  
just wanted to offer a brief update.  As was articulated several  
months ago when the Senate debated the presence of the Red Cross,  
there are two issues at play: the first is the aggressive presence of  
volunteers seeking blood donations from those who may not be eligible  
based on their identity, and the second is the overarching Food and  
Drug Administration policy that places a lifetime deferral of blood  
donating on men who have had sex with other men since 1978.  To  
address the first issue, I am developing a memorandum of understanding  
with the University Administration and the Presidential Commission on  
LGBT Equity that will create more restrictions on the behavior of Red  
Cross volunteers as they solicit donors.  To address the second, I am  
working with Vice President of Federal, State, and Community Relations  
Karen Meyer to request a joint recommendation from Vermont's federal  
delegation to the FDA calling for a reevaluation of the lifetime  
deferral policy.  If you have any further questions or concerns,  
please feel free to contact me at [log in to unmask] or (802) 656-7736.

Last night, Senators recognized the UVM Club Wrestling Team as the  
latest addition to our club sports crew.  We look forward to the  
team's success!
/For more information on how to get involved, contact Nick Cafarelli  
([log in to unmask])./

At our last Senate meeting, Senators passed all bills and resolutions.  
  This means UVM Wrestling was recognized and Senators voted to  
support DC Voting Rights in Congress, to evaluate the Dry Residence  
Hall Policy, to thank various organizations and departments for making  
needed security improvements to the residence halls, and to urge  
support for the recommendations of the Governor's Commission on Higher  
/Please see all attached resolutions from January 29 and contact the  
sponsor of any piece of legislation for more information./

   /Upcoming Legislation.../

The Academic Affairs Committee will be introducing a resolution  
requesting that any textbook costing more than $75 be put on 2 hour  
reserve in the library with expenses to be accrued by the University.
/See attached legislation and please feel free to contact Academic  
Affairs Chair Ben Porter with your questions and concerns  
([log in to unmask])./

Senators will be voting on whether or not to support the proposed meal  
plan, which will institute an average meal plan price increase of  
approximately 15% or $450.00 per student per semester.  This price  
adjustment is designed to cover costs associated with student demands  
for specialty products as well as adjustments made to the fifteen  
different dining facilities and variety of food options on campus.
/See attached legislation and please feel free to contact Senator  
Lauren Abda with your questions and concerns ([log in to unmask])./

As always, feel free to share your concerns directly with me, your SGA  
President, at [log in to unmask] or (802) 656-7736.  If you could ask  
for changes in dining options and food quality in exchange for an  
increase in price, what specifically would you ask for?  I would love  
to hear your thoughts.  Want to rant unabashedly?  Try [log in to unmask]
/See attached recommendations on changes to the meal plan pricing and  
structure.  Some numbers may be subject to change before a final  
report is released./



   /Friday, February 1/
Men's Hockey vs. New Hampshire: Gutterson Fieldhouse @ 8:00 PM

   /Saturday, February 2/
Men's Basketball vs. UMBC: Patrick Gym @ 1:00 PM

   /Sunday, February 3/
Men's Hockey vs. UMass-Lowell: Gutterson Fieldhouse @ 4:00 PM
Dear Students,

I still hear students asking one another in the halls, "What is Focus  
the Nation, anyway?"  Focus the Nation is a national body coordinating  
faculty, students, and community members at over a thousand schools in  
the United States to collaboratively engage in a nationwide discussion  
of ?Global Warming Solutions for America."  Since this important issue  
has the potential to affect all of us, we would love for everyone in  
the UVM and Burlington community to take part.

As the Student Government Association President, I would like to share  
how impressed I am with the dedication and passion student groups have  
demonstrated in crafting the FTN workshops, teach-ins, lectures,  
celebrations, performances, and discussions. Already, there have been  
a number of inspirational events and informative lectures and  
discussions.  If nothing else, please join us for the culminating  
Speak Out on Friday, Feb. 1 from 3:40 to 4:30 pm in the Davis Center's  

For more information, please visit the UVM Focus the Nation website: There, you will find  
a calendar of events and the contact information of those leading the  
effort. Also, please feel free to contact me at (802) 656-7736 or via  
email at [log in to unmask]

Are YOU in focus?


Black Student Union Presents Recycled Prom!
/"Green is the New Black" History Month/

Hosted by Black Student Union and Student Life
Friday, February 1, 2008 from 9:00 pm -12:00 am
Davis Center Livak Ballroom

Dancing, Climate Change Information, and Fun!

Wear recycled clothing or recyclables on your clothing. Please dress  
appropriately :)
Bring clothes you don't want, jars, bottle caps, breath mint cans
There will be arts and crafts to turn something old into something new  
and reusable!

   Interested in becoming more involved with leadership positions on campus?

If you are a first, second, or third year student, you should consider  
applying to become a Student Ambassador for the Office of Alumni  
Relations. Applications are due February 13,2008! More about UVM  
Ambassadors can be found by clicking on this link below.[1]

Please contact Co-Chairs Andrew Kasprisin ([log in to unmask][2]) or
Lauren Abda ([log in to unmask][3]) if you have any questions!

   Ruth Messinger Speaks at UVM!
February 1st, in CC Theater

An evening with Ruth Messinger. Do not miss the CO-FOUNDER OF THE SAVE  
about the critical situation in Darfur.  This crisis must be solved-  
please come and listen or bring tough questions about the genocide in  
Darfur and find out what can be done to stop the killing and restore  
peace to the entire region.

   4:30pm in Billings North Lounge:  Talk for UVM students with Ruth  
Messinger discussing the situation in Darfur and service  
opportunities. Bring your questions about Darfur. Ruth is an expert  
and has valuable experience on the ground in Sudan.

   6:00pm in CC theater:  Open community lecture with Messinger.

   7:30pm in Billings Marsh Lounge: Refreshments served.

   All are welcome!

:::More info:::

UVM STAND (Students Taking Action Now: Darfur):[4]
UVM Hillel:[5]
American Jewish World Service:[6]
Save Darfur:[7]

Celebrate SUPER BOWL SUNDAY at Brennan's Pub and Bistro!

   Come enjoy the game on the variety of flat screens around the room  
with friends, prizes
and great food! Sunday February 3, 6-11pm.
Don't miss your chance to be a part of this UVM tradition!

Purchase tickets NOW at[8]

The 2008 Senior Class Council presents:

Winter Ball

Saturday, February 9, 2008
Hilton Burlington

Tickets: $15/person, $20/pair

18+ to attend, 21+ to purchase drinks
Free shuttle service will be provided

We hope to see you there! Questions? E-mail us at [log in to unmask][9]!


   Babysitting Mingler

Do you like kids? Want a well paying job that fits with your schedule?  
Then come to the Babysitting Mingler and meet parents in the  
Burlington community looking for reliable babysitters for both  
periodic and sporadic engagements.  You will also have a chance to
play with the children you will be looking after!

   10:30-12:00 Pearl House, 12 Colchester Ave. (the yellow house next  
to Dewey) Please RSVP to Alicia Taylor [log in to unmask][10]  
saturday February 2nd.
Auditions to be held for Jason Robert Brown's "The Last Five Years," a  
two-person student-produced musical. The show will be performed April  
25th-26th and rehearsals will start in March. Auditions will be  
February 2nd from 5-7 and February 3rd from 11:30-1:30 and will be at  
the Royall Tyler Theater. Please sign-up in advance on the student  
callboard at the theater and pick up audition materials. For more  
information, please contact Emily at [log in to unmask]
Phi Delta Theta Fraternity invites you to an informal Information  
Session on Monday,
Feb. 4 at 7:30 PM. There will be brothers answering questions you may  
have about the fraternity and Greek Life.

American Red Cross Blood and Bone Marrow Drive

UVM Patrick Gym Lobby
Thursday, February 7, 2008
12:00 - 6:00

   Help save a life and become a potential bone marrow donor - only a  
cotton swab test!

   Pizza and Grinders provided!

   Please Bring Blood Donor Card, Photo ID, or 2 forms of other ID.

Alpha Gamma Rho Spring '08 Recruitment Activity Schedule

*events to be held at AGR house on 216 S. Prospect unless stated otherwise*
Thursday (1-24-08) 5:30-8pm Open house with free dinner at 6pm
Saturday (1-26-08) 5-7pm Information table with free pizza on CBW green
Thursday (1-31-08) departure from AGR @ 7pm for bowling at Yankee Lanes
Saturday (2-2-08) departure from AGR @ 11am to go Skeet shooting
Check us out on the Web at[11] for more information  
and contacts!

Fleming Museum will host an Opening Reception for our Spring  
Exhibitions on Thursday, January 31 at 5:30 PM, hosted by Provost John  
M. Hughes. A special pre-opening curatorial tour for Museum members at  
the contributing level and up will be given by 100 Suns artist Michael  
Light at 4:45 PM. Free admission to UVM students. Cash bar and hors  

The Fleming Museum's Spring Exhibitions include:

Michael Light: 100 Suns
JANUARY 31 - JUNE 1, 2008

By re-photographing and presenting images of atomic explosions carried  
out by the United States in the 1950s and 1960s in an exhibition  
format, San Francisco photographer Michael Light sets out to explore  
the cultural context of the photographs and to examine the nuclear  
landscape and its profound effect on both our past and our future.

These images range from stunning, abstract impressions of fire and  
energy to portrayals of people watching the blasts who seem blithely  
unaware of the destructive power they are witnessing.  It is this  
dichotomy of beauty and horror, attraction and repulsion, violence and  
seduction that make this collection of images so compelling.

Between Soft Machines and Hard Science: The Interstitial Art of W.  
David Powell
JANUARY 15 - JUNE 8, 2008

Artist W. David Powell's installation of his digital prints alongside  
historic scientific instruments reflects his fascination with the  
human mind and body and our own relationships with science and  
healing.  Incorporating charts and devices from both obsolete and  
contemporary scientific sources, Powell's installation invites us to  
re-evaluate our understanding of how the human body and mind interact,  
and the ways that art and science can clarify or confuse that  

Masks of Sri Lanka
JANUARY 15 - JUNE 8. 2008

In the exorcism dance rituals and folk plays of Sri Lanka, devils,  
animals, and humans are represented by elaborately carved and painted  
masks.  Southern Sri Lanka's rich cultural heritage includes two  
dances that use masks:  the thovil, or exorcism dances, in which  
masked demons drive illness and misfortune away, and the kolam folk  
drama, a community entertainment performed traditionally for centuries.

[2] mailto:[log in to unmask]
[3] mailto:[log in to unmask]
[9] mailto:[log in to unmask]
[10] mailto:[log in to unmask]