This footage was shot sometime during the past couple of weeks on Mt.
Washington by a filmmaker friend of mine... there are great shots of a very
friendly Gray Jay about halfway through (at almost exactly 2 minutes in).


He asked me if this was common behavior for this species, and I didn't know
the answer (having only seen them once myself, in Moose Bog) but I looked it
up for him, and as I'm sure the more experienced birders here know, the
answer is yes... according to the Cornell All About Birds online bird guide:


..."the Gray Jay frequently approaches people for food. It may even land on
your hand for a morsel. This tameness can also lead to the pilferage of food
not offered, and is responsible for the colloquial name of 'camp robber'."


Next time I go to Moose Bog, I'm bringing raisins!  :-)



Miriam Lawrence