This is the Vermont Rare Bird Alert for January 14, 2008 covering the period
January 7 - 13, 2008.


Highlights this week include a RED-NECKED GREBE in Button Bay on 1/12,  a
very late AMERICAN BITTERN reported in Franklin on 1/8, a SNOW GOOSE present
since 1/5 in Shelburne Bay was last sighted 1/12 as well as a second SNOW
GOOSE in the Champlain Valley 1/12, the continued presence of a pair of
CANVASBACKS last seen in Shelburne Bay on 1/9, 7 LESSER SCAUP in Shelburne
bay 1/12, 4 LONG-TAILED DUCKS in Button Bay as well as at the Tri-town Water
District Plant on 1/12 and a GOLDEN EAGLE at Button Bay State Park on 1/12.


There were several COMMON LOON sightings this week, all taking place on
1/12:  Shelburne Bay (3), Button Bay (1), Tri-town Water District Plant (1),
Charlotte Town Beach (1) and the Champlain Bridge (1).


Numerous BALD EAGLE sightings occurred this week:  Tri-town Water District
Plant on 1/12 (4),  Champlain Bridge on 7 on 1/12 and 9 on 1/10, Fort Cassin
on 1/12 (2), Williston on 1/10 (1), Jeffersonville on 1/10 (1) and Chimney
Point State Park on 1/7 (4).  Two AMERICAN KESTRELS were spotted this week,
one in Vernon on1/8 and one in Ferrisburg on 1/12.  There were several
sightings of PEREGRINE FALCONS on 1/12: Dead Creek (2), Charlotte (1) and
Ferrisburg (1).  


A BELTED KINGFISHER was observed below the Vernon Dam on 1/12.


A BLACK-BACKED WOODPECKER was seen at Moose Bog on 1/8.


PINE GROSBEAKS and COMMON REDPOLLS continue to be widespread throughout the
region.  A HOARY REDPOLL continues to visit a WAITSFIELD feeder. 


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Mary Holland

Chris Rimmer

Kent McFarland

Roz Renfrew

Vermont RBA Compilers,

Vermont Center for Ecostudies (VCE)