I was honored just moments ago (9:20 am) with the presence of a pair of
ravens in my yard and across the street.  I saw the first, the larger of the
two, picking at something in the street that may or may not have been food,
which it soon abandoned.  The size and large bill suggested raven rather
than crow (also the lack of caw caw caw).  I waited to get a good look at
the wedge tail as it flew to comfirm that it was a raven.  It landed in a
tree across the street, and almost immediately flew across into a tree next
to my house, where another, slightly smaller raven waited.  The two then
left, both showing the wedge tail of a raven and the neck ruff.  

Ravens are cool.  Though crows are more amusing. 

I have been bereft of birds for the most part this season.  My house on
Carver Street in Brandon is not set up well for viewing, but in past years,
I know they showed up, because I had to refill feeders regularly (and if I
braved the weather and/or bugs on my open deck, I could watch).  

But this year, my feeders are not emptying. I end up replacing feed to keep
it fresh-- never had to do this before!   I know in summer and fall neighbor
cats are an issue.  But recent tracks in the snow near my barn suggest this
winter there may be something else: a fox family may have moved in under the
barn.  Keeping an eye out to confirm.

Better than skunks.  

Dayle Ann, two blocks from downtown Brandon

"How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." 
          Annie Dillard