Hi Ann,

Coyotes are opportunistic, and will eat whatever they can catch --- from
garbage, bird seeds, corn, pumpkins (yes, a grower near me has been plagued
by them getting into her commercial pumpkin crop) through small rodents and
muskrats (maybe there are some in the farm canal?), etc.  I don't think they
actually HUNT ducks, but rather are keeping an eye out for the opportunity
to grab one.  The duck that gets caught is probably eligible for a "Darwin
Award."  <g>  I think it's the Navajo who call the coyote "God's dog."  They
are very interesting and clever critters.

Susan Fogleman
Campton NH

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Subject: [VTBIRD] Coyotes stalking ducks?

A friend has seen coyotes lurking in the grasses alongside a farm canal in
Essex where ducks and a great blue have been hanging out. On these
occasions, the coyotes took off when they spotted him, but he's wondering
if coyotes hunt ducks. I told him I'd post the question and see what the
VTBIRD folks have to say.

Happy new year of birding everybody,

Ann Curran