I'm guessing you meant tree sparrows. (If not, you're going to have a  
stampede of birders to your house!)

There's a flock of five or possibly six of  these feisty little birds  
that spends a good part of every day at and under my feeders. They  
stick together faithfully all day and presumably all night,  but when  
they're at the feeders each aggressively defends its own little patch  
of seed against its flock mates. They seem much more tolerant of the  
lone junco who keeps insinuating himself in their midst.

Maeve Kim
Jericho Center

On Dec 31, 2007, at 8:42 AM, Tom Slayton wrote:

> I have had a pair of American tree swallows at my feeders for the past
> several days.
>    Tom Slayton
>    Terrace Street
>    Montpelier