Greetings VTBirders:

I've been experimenting with custom-made Google Maps as birding maps 
( They're easy to create and can help us 
share locations of noteworthy birds. Here's an example: the approximate 
location of _last winter's_  Three-toed Woodpecker at Moose Bog:

I won't go into details about making these maps. But they are arguably 
the best reason to have a Google account. The "My Map" tab tells it all. 
I believe the potential for these maps is huge among birders. Here's 
another example -- one I threw together in minutes to share with folks 
doing the Plainfield Christmas Bird Count:

The link to any Google map you create has a rather long URL, which is 
why I use to covert it.

Bryan Pfeiffer

Bryan Pfeiffer

Vermont Bird Tours
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