I realize that most, if not all, of you have seen Pine Grosbeaks somewhere in 
Vermont this winter. The question is, have you seen them in 2008? If not, I 
found them in two spots today.

1. After being informed that there were around 70 Pine Grosbeaks hanging 
around over at TECHNOLOGY PARK in Williston, I decided to check that out 
this morning. I didn't find all 70, but there were good numbers around. I went 
back in the afternoon to see if they were still there and found only 4 birds 
hanging out in the Customers Parking Lot on the east side of the building.
2. There were 27 Pine Grosbeaks on Deerfield Drive in South Burlington this 
morning. However, they were being stalked by a Cooper's Hawk and didn't 
stay around very long.