Hello and happy new year!

I've been reading all your posts in the archives with fascination for
some time now. I've found Jim C's scathing accounts of lost, denots
gapers in Central/Southern Vermont to be of particular interest in my
researches. At the risk of being the bait for a game of "torment the
out-of-stater" I figured it's about time to post up.

Here's a little weekend summary of a four day weekend spent skiing with
my girlfriend (who's an intermediate in her first year of skiing but
learning quickly, on her Mystics mounted with Freerides):

Saturday - PM half day/early night at Bolton Valley. They may have
received an inch or 3 of snow overnight followed by light niar.
Conditions were fast, but just barely soft enough to permit skiing some
of the tighter woods lines, but lines like (whatever the double-diamond
left of Spillway is called) were fully tracked out by the time we got to

Sunday - Sugarbush. Crap conditions. Castlerock moguls were fully
tracked out, hardpacked, and edge-scraped into pyramids of doom, but did
provide some brutal training in hardpacked zipperline sking after the
angle eased off down low. They were blowing snow on Ripcord in a mostly
successful attempt to create some soft bumps; after several runs in this
area, we were fed up with the steep entry and found Sunrise to be better
suited to our respective abilities, or lack thereof.

Monday - Pico. What a day! It must have dumped 7-8 inches at our K-Mart
ski house overnight, and it kept flurrying all morning. We hit all the
usual suspects but avoided Giant Killer for the day. First run was on
Pike, which was in difficult conditions with fluff hiding the ice and
thin cover. Most of my runs on that were in a wiiiide stance with skis
getting punched into wedge shape all too often. Our next several runs
were on Upper Ka which stayed in great shape for a few hours. A coat of
powder on top of old frozen bumps. Crowds were light, the summit lift
had mechanical problems once or twice, and Summit Glades didn't get
skied off all day. What a delight. The other unexpected bonus was that
Outpost didn't spin all day, keeping the crowds out of there - those
trails remained pure powder all day, nary an icepatch in sight.

New Years Day - We got up early and made the 2 hour drive to the
Adirondacks to skin up the Wright Peak Ski Trail. Suffice to say that
apart from howling winds at the summit, conditions were ideal. We
encountered two other groups while we were up there: a man/woman pair of
telemarkers, also doing the Wright Peak trail; and a handful of people
who were planning on doing a gully which I shall not name followed by
the Angels slide. Many streams seem to have unfrozen recently, and this
group didn't bring wetsuits for the drainage descent, so hopefully we
won't be thawing out the bodies from blocks of ice next spring...

I had a little nervous about doing the Wright Peak trail with my
girlfriend, but I'd already explained to her the nature of the trail
previously, we'd already been in the Dacks once while consciously
steering away from it, and this time, it was her suggestion. So up we
went. If anything, she did better than I: she's not ashamed to wedge or
sidestep. Her abundance of caution would lead to several low-speed
falls, while my lapse of caution would lead to just one high-speed
side-flipping fall. I'd attempted to "swoop" through the bottom of one
of the longest fall-line shots on the trail and into the subsequent
traverse, after making one two few short turns on upper half portion of
that fall line shot. The result: a near miss of a tree, which never
should have happened. So while she now hopefully understands the mindset
and the turn shapes that are required for a descent of that type, and
may now know what to practice inbounds, I've had a healthy reminder that
narrow trail riding does not forgive lazy, low-energy-input turning or

Back at the trail registry at the Loj, we also saw a two-person party
signed in for Wright Peak just after us; maybe the two telemarkers? The
last name was the same as a member of this list.


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