Today the conditions were very spring-like.

I started off on tele-gear, but my nordic muscles were unhappy, probably due to a full day of xc skiing in the state forest yesterday. While conditions were buttery and the skiing easy, the choice was to be mellow and ski the groomers free-heeled, or lock the heels and pick up the pace and visit all the off-piste places that are not always skiable. Once Pam showed up I took one more run on the tele's and then zipped back to the car that was parked slopeside near Chair 5 and put on the gear that enables me to ski the whole mountain. Then we proceeded to have a super day carving the corn. All the glades were skiable, yet thin. They won't be skiable much longer with the given Wx, so we were happy to shred them up while we could. The steepest trails Zeus and Olympian have not had any snowmaking on them. All natural snow-turned-corn skied like a dream. Some vegetation poked through, but it was manageable and well-worth it.

I'll prolly break out the teles again on Tuesday...y'know, tele-Tuesday. More fun to telemark at night anyway.

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