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>I was hoping he'd be there to give us a first hand account.  It's not often
>our $teaux hero, jimmy, pulls a maneuver like that one.  That even eclipses
>the lost keys episode last year.  Tuesday, as I was carrying on our radio
>conversation (me in Bypass Chutes and Jim on the Gondi), little did I
>realize what was meant when he said he'd be at the gondi in a couple of
>minutes.  I was confused when he didn't tell me what trail he was on and
>that he didn't seem to want me to ski down to the gondi to meet him.  He
>must of thought I would laugh seeing him unloading in his Sorels.  He was
>right.  I got to laugh anyway.  At least he didn't leave his ski boots at home.

Yeah...a true cluster...I was, racing to get to the Gondi solo at 1 pm...and 
parked in the gondi lot (which I don't usually do) right next to the gondi 
loading building back door...I grabbed my skis, and ran to catch the gondi thru 
the back door. I manuvered quickly, skipping by the people in groups in line--
and I jumped right in an open car with some snowboarders...of course, right 
after the door shut and we started swinging skyward, I grasped my dire 
situation and foolishness, as I saw my Sorrels, not my T1's on my feet!

What a sucky feeling, riding up on a powder day when you get to the hill with 
only three hours left, knowing you are in for a return ride down...As Wes would 
point out...that kinda thing can't happen on the Single!

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