Another day, more powder skiing and adventures with Jim and Scott.  Today,
however, Dave was able to join us and so the four of us toured the greater
Mansfield area.  Skied the Back Bowls, hung out in the notch watching ice
climbers, skied more of the same hardwoods off the gondi (we've found and
tracked a lot in the last couple days), and generally had a good time loving

Here are some pics...

Danis and Clapp navigate the vertical single track.

Mansfield North



Snowpack and drifts swallowing the brush whole.
RT108 in the winter.

If this person were to fall from where they were, they would fall nearly
1,000ft down towards the road.  We stood in awe watching numerous people in
this hazardous terrain area.  Awesome stuff.

All in all, another great day.  I have to work tomorrow, put in my one day
per week, but should be out there on Monday and Tuesday.


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