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>re: "points off for spelling"
>I've read so many misspelled words, the correct arrangement of letters
begins to evade me...(ah, the beloved ellipses) that i or e first?
I drop the e before adding ty? I double the l in controlled? I used to
be a pretty good speller, but not so anymore. Does the poor spelling by
today's youth have a similar effect on any other educators out there or am I
just losing it?

ah no -- 'twas the 'naut is chastising me for negatizing his nomenclature. 
i'm glad to see i was wrong.

oh yeah -- IT'S A BOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

a big one: 9 lbs 8 oz.  kerry was amazing and is doing well despite his...
(ellipses!) girth!

holy moly!  guess i couldn't ski yesterday, but there are other kinds of
miracles besides december/jan pow!

working name:  Steve-McQueen Woods Walker Chapman... (ellipses... wheee!) 
(and parentheses aplenty, too!  ... (...and exclamations!!!!)  (i'm a little
punchy, see) ...anywho, we are still open to suggestions, and though "james
clapp chapman" would be very nice, i've ruled out all names old testamicular.

happy thaw!

--justdad... again

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