One thing I neglected to mention about our 2 days at MRG was that every time I saw Wes and William, I kept seeing William tare down the hill quickly followed by a high pitched young voice yelling up the hill "C'MON DAD!!!!"
I saw this while I was on the slope, I saw this while I was on the lift. It always seemed that Wes was working harder and harder to keep up with his kid...and I believe it will only get worse as time goes on.
It was also very sweet to see Justin skiing quite fast with his little Sylvia in his arms. That little girl has it good, and I suspect she will be an excellent skier in the coming years...with little bro/sis following behind.
It was also bedazzling to see the Bauman kids giving their Mom a good last run at 4pm.
You VTers grow some great skiers.

On 1/1/08, S H <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Between Mark and Wes, they summed up the conditions pretty well. Creamcheese was the best descriptor for Saturday and it skied quite smooth and creamy.

Pam and I got there just as the lifts opened on Saturday and we enjoyed the creaminess all morning, finding fresh snow every run. Meeting up with Mark Renson was fortuitous, as when we inquired about his whereabouts when we ran into another patroller on Snail, we learned he was just a little ways down the trail. We met him there and he took us on a wonderful off-piste tour that included a person-eating gully. Luckily I heard Mark make some kind of exclamation ahead of me and I was prepared and did not get eaten. Pam was not so lucky. I watched her go right into the ditch and implant her body into the bank. But she is a good sport and picked herself out of the ravine and we were back into the fresh snow in a jiff.

Mark asked us if we were up for golfing, and a foray into 20th hole was a real untracked treat.

We saw the Bauman clan and Denis on the lift line and we saw Kathleen and the kids on our very last run at 4pm. Ran into Wes at the base.

Sunday was another day. The snow had set up off-piste and it was a very nice day to cruise the groomers on tele's and help my friend Chrispy with her telemark technique. Being a local shareholder at MRG, she felt that she was the only one on alpine skis and decided that her new skis would be telemark skis. Her telemarking friends, all near or over 50 yrs old who live in Starksboro have inspired her to free the heel. She was skiing like any alpine skier skis when they learn to telemark, trying to figure out the weighting thing and the ski control. Since I had just been through this learning period, I was able to give her the tips that helped me with the counterintuitive aspects of the transition. These things really clicked for her that day and she was making progress immediately and had her best day yet. She was quite elated to have made such breakthroughs in one day. We ran into an Ithaca/Greek Peak ski pal, David, who also was learning to telemark. He needed the same tips. I gave him a quick overview of what I had been teaching Chrispy and he took that info and worked on it all day and appeared to have made a lot of progress. It was a really satisfying day for me on telemark skis. I skied from 8:30 until 12:30 on pins, but after lunch Pam wanted to do Antelope all the way down so I decided to switch to alpine since my telemark legs were toast. We went up the single and down Antelope to lower Antelope. I stopped in one of the curves and I noticed tracks into the woods on skier's left. Tempted and curious, we decided to check it out. We were quite challenged. By this time the snow from the previous day was stiff and set up, though in here the snow was actually fluffy for a short distance before turning more difficult. There were some seriously tight lines and steep drops. We picked our way through forcing our tired legs to turn in the tough stuff. We definitely got more than we bargained for, but it was all good. Anyone know what the name of this off-piste terrain is?

While skiing along, Todd Fischer recognized me by the grease stains on my yellow parka and stopped to say hi. I also ran into Wes with his family. Never saw the Baumans on Sunday, nor did I see Peter Salts. I saw a pair of CMH skis in the rack at the Birdcage Sunday morning and looked around, but did not see anyone I recognized in that area.

We tailgated lunch atop the practice slope where we ran into Justin who was taking Sylvia home. We spotted his car later on, so he had come back for more. At 4:20 we saw him coming over the Gap as we were heading out to route 100 for our next adventure.

Here are my pix from the weekend at MRG

On Dec 31, 2007 8:01 AM, Mark P. Renson < [log in to unmask]> wrote:
Well, I did shave on Saturday morning.  Stepped outside to 3" and high humidity - as much as possible without raining - and then worked on shovelling detail which included strenuous snow removal below the boardwalk.  But, I did get my reward on my Panther to Snail trail check:  - Snail RULES! The bump line at the top was so easy with the new wet - not gloppy - snow.  I had such a great time that I went for seconds and found only my own tracks.  At the top of Birdland, I snitched a line we had worked in early November which skied well.  Of course, with my hand in the cookie jar, the radio crackled asking for my location - "umm .... like .... duh ...ah, sorta' around the top of Snail or something like um that."  The response was that Sharon along with Pam had arrived and were looking for me.  So, the 3 of us hooked up and I showed them another line we had worked on.  , ,  
They performed so well on that test, I figured it was time for them to graduate to golfing.  Had some nice turns at the top of the Mainline and some hunches buzzed in my mind so we headed right and whaddya' know, found a line I had never seen before PLUS it was untracked.  Sweet!  It was a real corkscrew followed by a steep chute.  Sharon and Pam passed their graduate level exam with flying colors, as well.
Towards the end of the day, things started to firm up a bit.  Nice day.  At the bar later on, I ran into one of the Lemmings who told me that we had either skied "The Annex" or "Colostomizer".  I can honestly say that was one of the best times I had  ever had golfing.  Thanx for joining me, Sharon 'n Pam!
Sunday, I shaved again in the morning.  This time, we had to shovel snow off of the roof ohe Starks Pub.  The skiing was a little on the firm side with a bit of tricky crust here 'n there.  Fun, nonetheless and I'm sure the snows for Mon & Tues oughtta' make for some epic Northern VT conditions. 
Now, I gots to drone ....... 
Mark P. Renson
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