Here’s a brief Bolton update from today.  Ty and I headed up to Timberline for some afternoon turns to get in on the heavier snowfall and some “fill in your tracks” kind of runs.  It wasn’t quite “fill in your tracks”, since the snowfall was only in the ~1 inch/hour range, but the skiing was good.  Temperatures were in the 25-30 F range and wind was ~20 mph at times on the upper parts of the lift, but there wasn’t much wind on the lower part of the mountain or in the trees at any elevation we visited.  We did all our runs off the mid station and basically hit the Twice as Nice Glades run after run.  There were lots of tracks even in the glades since it was afternoon, but there were still untracked areas around the edges and the continuous snowfall kept the rest fresh.  I’m not sure about the higher elevations, but down in the Timberline area it was still possible to catch an occasional contact with the old crusty snow below.  Crowds were probably about the usual; there weren’t any real queues except for ~10 people when we took our first run.  I’m not sure what the wind situation will be like tomorrow, but the skiing should be great – there should be plenty of untracked now that the lifts have shut down.  A little more weather/snowfall-related info can be found below in my 4:30 P.M. Easternuswx update:


We’re now up to 6.3 inches of accumulation from this event here in Waterbury.  I won’t clear the snowboard until 6:00 P.M., but I just took an intermediate snowfall reading, and we’ve picked up 3.6 inches between 12:00 P.M. and 4:30 P.M.  That indicates an average snowfall rate of 0.8 inches/hour.  We spent the afternoon skiing up at Bolton Valley in the 1,550’ to 2,250’ elevation range (their Timberline area up to the mid station) and snowfall rates there didn’t seem to be anything astronomical.  I’d say they were getting roughly in the inch per hour range as well, base on the accumulations I saw in the parking lot when we left.  When we first got to the mountain around 1:00 P.M., the snowfall was in the form of small (1-2 mm) flakes, and then during the middle of our time we had some larger (5-8 mm flakes) that added more fluff, and they had backed off a little from that size when we left.  Winds were sometimes strong ~20 mph on the lift and up in the higher elevations, but at the base there wasn’t too much.  Right now here at the house we look to be in roughly inch per hour snowfall and flakes are in the 2-5 mm range.



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