My understanding is that athletes who ski for companies such as TGR
MSP PBP ets have to pay their travel expenses and pay to be in the
film. The idea being that the money comes from their sponsors. If they
are trying to break out and don't have much sponsorship money yet they
have to pay for the heli trips etc. out of pocket.

It seems like it would be a difficult life. Very few athletes stay in
the game past their physical prime, the ones who do have found
something different to do, Davenport, Plake, Schmidt, McConkey etc.

I don't think that anybody goes into it expecting money or to even be
famous for that long. I think the biggest draw is the ability to
travel to exotic locations and ski sick stuff with a good film crew.
Very few people will ever go heli skiing and most heli skiing ops
serve mellow runs for the clients. Those guys get to jump out of helis
on huge peaks and ski huge lines.

Early tram at jackson alone would probably be worth it.

I never really followed Billy, its too bad he's gone but at least he
died doing what he loved.


As lonely as the mountain can be, lonelier still is the man whose
travels take him away from the mountains.

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