My commute takes me from Belmont, through Cambridge, down Broadway, past
Cambridge High (getting a sense of where the trouble lies yet?) and on into

In Mass, it is legal for a bike (but not a car) to pass on the right.
Cambridge has a city ordinance requiring that all passengers in cars give
way to bikes, when opening a car door.  Well, that's great, but no one seems
to have passed any of this on to the high school kid who jumped out of the
passenger side of her mom's car, in traffic, right in front of me.

BANG!  Apparently, the noise of the collision was loud enough to alert the
high school safety officer, who came running to my aid.  As soon as I picked
myself up off the ground (thank you, helmet, you gave up your life to save
mine), I new things were not good.  Yanking off the glove, I saw my index

Stop reading now if you have a weak stomach.

Fingers are supposed to bend toward the palm, right?  They aren't supposed
to point the other way, are they?  Uh, no, I didn't think so either.

Now I am off the bike for at least a month, and have this claw for a left
hand.  My daughter is studying Chinese, and tells me that "David" is
"Daw-way" in Chinese.  So, the kids and I have renamed me "Claw-way".

Biking is one think, and Skiing is another.  I let the doc know that I wuz
gunna ski, one way or th' other:  VT was already booked, and tickets to Park
City already paid for (1st W/E in Feb).  And I sure as heck wasn't going to
sit in the lodge watching everyone else ski!  He at least gave his tentative
blessing to Presidents' week (Switzerland, maybe).

Lesson learned?  There are TWO door zones!  I never ride near the parked
cars, and now I aint gonna ride near the moving ones neither.

David "Claw" Merfeld

--Tele-etc-naut enquired---

David Merfeld wrote on 1/23/08 12:20 PM:

> On Friday, I got doored while biking,
> and have a broken finger.

Ow. Painful to hear. Tell us more.

--End of enquiry--

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