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Subject: [SKIVT-L] (Non-VT) Wasatch and Teton ski touring (Jan. 20-26)

Met up with buddies Bob and Ed in SLC on the 20th for a week of ski
touring, first in the Wasatch and then the Tetons. It was a superb trip
with knee-deep powder on every run, excellent terrain, a stable
snowpack, nice weather, and good comradery. 

Day 1 was an afternoon tour in Big Cottonwood Canyon, skiing such
classics as Short Swing (aka Mill D trees) and Reynolds Bowl. 

Day 2 was also in BCC, where it snowed about 1 foot during the day. We
started in Butler trees where the powder was light and fluffy in the
aspens. We then headed up to Wilson Peak and and skied Chute #2. It was
excellent with the new snow, no wind, and few tracks:

We re-ascended Wilson Peak:

And descended the south bowl in deep powder:

Day 3 was sunny and cold, with 16" of new snow reported at Alta. It was
a perfect day for the Tri-Canyon tour from Little Cottonwood to Big
Cottonwood to Mill Creek. Before heading out of Little Cottonwood, the
slope below Flagstaff Peak (opposite Alta) was in such good shape that
we had to do a run there. The locals say Flagstaff is rarely in such
good shape because it normally gets blasted by the sun, but this morning
the temp was only 6 degrees. It was good:

So good that the cameras were out:

In this case the PW's shooting Black Diamond athletes skiing these

As good as Flagstaff was, we had to start covering ground so we
wouldn't run out of daylight. We traversed along the ridge above Days
Fork, getting views of Superior's NE face:

The descent into Days Fork on a run called Banana Days was nice:

We crossed the road in Big Cottonwood, skied up Mill D North Fork, past
Dog Lake, and down Big Water Gulch into Mill Creek Canyon, coming out at
the head of the canyon where the road in the summer ends. It was a 4
mile downhill skate on a groomed x-c trail to our car that we had
spotted in the morning. With more energy and time, we could have done a
more exciting descent into Mill Creek, but there's always next year.

Day 4 was a morning ski in Mill D North Fork before driving north to
Jackson, WY.

Day 5 also started clear and cold (-16 F), so we knew it would be a
great day for crystal clear views, so we headed up to an area called 25
Short that is just south of the Grand Teton:

The views alone were worth climbing 3000 vertical feet. 

The Grand:

Buck Mountain:

The skiing wasn't bad either:

Day 6 was blustery with snow showers that deposited 4-6" of fluff. I
love skiing when it's sunny and snowy at the same time:

We booted up Glory Peak from Teton Pass, dropped down the NW side into
Coal Creek, hitched a ride back to the Pass, then spent the rest of the
day south of the Pass in Mosquito Creek and Mail Creek, not seeing any
other skiers or tracks in those places.

Another hitch from a car with cold reebs waiting for us brought us back
to the Pass, at which point we went to the Stagecoach for another cold

Day 7 was overcast and warmer (20 F). We spent it on a popular touring
spot west of the Pass called Fred and Oliver's. After 6 hours of touring
we departed, Bob and Ed going to SLC and myself back home to Boise. 

It was a wonderful trip in perfect conditions on some of the best
touring terrain in the country. Although these areas are sort of like
backcountry ski resorts with many folks out there, we had no trouble
finding fresh snow. The upside of all these skiers is that we were only
breaking trail about 25% of the time.

All of the photos can be found here:

I have 4-day yurt trips in ID & OR in Feb. & Mar., respectively, then
I'm going to Newfoundland with Bob and my brother John in's
shaping up to be a quite a season.


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