On Jan 28, 2008 8:18 PM, Jumpin_Jimmy <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
The AT rig is the SUV of the skiing world--big and burly, kinda over-kill, ready for all terrain,
be it up or down. Now guys like EO, who in the past would have had to consider switching to
tele, just buy dynafits and nice boots, and charge into the woods.

So has the AT skier killed the tele-hero?

My SUV AT rig weighs way less than your little Tele Prius or whatever it is. It is certainly less burly. Face it, Jim, if there was no good AT option people like me would just get burly tele gear like most of ya'll and make paramark turns like most of ya'll (and wonder all along why our equipment was designed so deficiently for backcountry travel).

Anyways, how much backcountry skiing do you anyway, tele-hero? Discounting what you access out of the ski area boundary at $teaux, of course.


P.S. Jim should take this time to remind everyone that it was he who first took me up the TD six (?) years ago with my alpine trekkers, army surplus skins AND snowshoes.
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